Pre Planning and Planning Phase

Establish Goals and Objectives Determining ROI

Prepare Time Line & Schedule

Identify Market

Site Selection

Select Logistically Beneficial Location

Determine Cost effectiveness Performing Feasibility Analysis

Due Diligence Study

Perform Site Studies

Collaborate with Governmental Agencies

Perform Environmental Studies (Phase I and II if required)

Perform Geotechnical Testing

Open and Manage Escrow Progress


Determine Financing Structure

Obtain Equity and/or Debt Partners


Architectural and Engineering

Establish Design Team

Architectural Design and Space Planning

Civil, Soils, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering

CalGreen Compliance, Energy Savings and Sustainability

Governmental and Entitlement Processes

Secure Planning Approvals

Interface with Utility Companies

Parcel Mapping, Lot Ties, Lot Line Adjustments and Condo Mapping

AQMD and Environmental Agencies

Expedite Building Permits

Provide Client with Certificate of Occupancy

Marketing of Project

Utilizing Developers Network of Real Estate Brokers

Beginning at the projects inception to insure marketing success